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Christine Morgan CSNU is one of Australia’s foremost Spiritual M

ediums and teachers of the Spiritual Arts, based in Sydney Australia.

Her natural mediumistic ability stems from a long line of natural intuitive and heritage of mediumship which has been honed through classical training.

Christine has worked for 23 years in the field of Spiritual Mediumship and the Intuitive Arts, throughout Australia as well as internationally, including the USA, Canada, Europe and England.

Demonstrating and teaching, Christine endeavours to achieve and maintain the standard of true Spiritual Mediumship as in line with the great pioneers of Spiritualism.

Christine is also a Certificate holder of the Spiritualist National Union in Public Speaking and Demonstrating Evidential Mediumship (CSNU), as well as a Tutor at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of psychic science and spiritual mediumship in the UK.

In high demand for her knowledge and talents by various and diverse organisations, as well as the business community, Christine is available for educational workshops, seminars, as a guest speaker, demonstrations of mediumship, as well as private consultations.

Christine Morgan
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